Live life to the fullest with Pandora's fall 2015 collection

Live life to the fullest with Pandora's fall 2015 collection

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Text: Andrea Sim

Personalise your life's motto with the newest charms from Pandora for a stylish reminder of the values you hold dear

The fall Essence collection from the charm-lover's favourite brand is a far cry from their travel and animal themed mementos. Instead of the motif that bears its meaning, the beautifully-crafted charm beads come with the values (love, caring, friendship, dignity, spirituality, sensitivity and creativity) they represent engraved on its sides. 

Build your bracelet in line with your life motto, or even better, pick your selection based on the mantra you aspire to live by. It's bound to be more incentivising (and stylish) than an inspirational quote scrawled on paper and tacked to the wall. 

Not just bracelet charms, the beads are also designed to fit the collection's sterling silver necklaces. Depending on how you position the charms and whether you opt to layer more than one necklace, enjoy true ownership by having complete control over the design of your accessories. As the same beads fit both bracelets and necklaces, swop them accordingly as your mood dictates, without having to purchase more than one of the same charm. 

The Essence collection for fall 2015 is available at Pandora boutiques.