Karl Lagerfeld marries his love for photography and Choupette in fall's accessories

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Text: Andrea Sim

Everyday is caturday

You have cat lovers, and then you have Karl. The fashion designer is as acclaimed for his coveted work at Chanel as he is known for his obsession with his pet cat Choupette; his eponymous label being just one of the many avenues he expresses his unabashed devotion to the Birman kitty. 

With fall 2017 incoming, Lagerfeld shines the spotlight on yet another of his loves — the range of accessories titled 'Karl the Photographer' sees Choupette dabbling in photography. The label's clutches, phone cases, tote and crossbody bags bear caricatures of Kaiser and cat, with camera in hand. 

For fans of the fashion majesty himself, 'Karl Ikonik' is the collection dedicated to his likeness. Above, the T-shirts, weekend bags and clutches for the enthusiasts who love Karl as much as he loves Choupette. 

'Karl the Photographer' is now available exclusively at Robinsons Heeren and 'Karl Ikonik', from August 2017. 


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