Video: Discover Fendi's new Kan I F bag, alongside the Fendi Bici bicycle

Holding on

Text: Jolene Khor

The It-bag is rebranded with the new F is FENDI round logo

News flash: As we discovered at the latest fashion weeks, Logomania is a trend with serious lasting power. Echoing this sentiment is the upgraded Kan I bag by Fendi — now called the Kan I F — decorated with the new F is Fendi emblem doubling as a functional magnetic closure. The logo bears an inverted F enclosed within a circumference — also seen on earrings, and, surprise surprise, the Fendi bicycle, endearingly referred to as the Fendi Bici.

It makes another appearance on the edges of the top handle in a palladium and gold mix, which, upon closer inspection, reveals itself to be a detachable spring clip that urges the wearer to interchange between the Strap You and Mini Strap you shoulder straps. The small metal rings also make room for one of the many bag charms in the Fendi catalogue. #Fun

Below, the other Fendi Kan I F bags in leather, exotic skin and fur for your consideration:

The Fendi Kan I F bag is available in Fendi boutiques.