Shop now: Pre-spring 2016 street couture by Joshua Sanders

Shop now: Pre-spring 2016 street couture by Joshua Sanders

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Text: Andrea Sim

Image: Joshua Sanders and

The latest incarnations of the fashion pack's go-to sneaker on

For the unitiated, footwear label Joshua Sanders is known for its slip-on sneakers bedecked with playful, tongue-in-cheek motifs, and having coined the term 'street couture' for its signature sneakers. For pre-spring 2016, a new host of peppy motifs take centre stage on classic and new sneaker silhouettes, retailing on the e-commerce site

This season, Joshua Sanders inducts the quintessential white sneaker into its footwear arsenal, but not without placing the label's stamp on the well-loved model. Set yourself apart from the sneaker-loving crowd with the assortment of embroidered patches — a skateboard, rocket and basketball that speaks to any adventurous, fun-loving soul. 

Have your sights set on designs that not only embody the typical big city vibes? Check the suede fringed high-tops with embroidered native American motifs instead. Also included in the collection are the classic Joshua Sanders smiley face slip-ons — for those who definitely love themselves an oldie but a goodie.

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