See the past and peek into the future with HarDior sunglasses by Dior Homme

See the past and peek into the future with HarDior sunglasses by Dior Homme

A vision

Text: Jolene Khor

The storied house tries its hand at new wave nostalgia via sick shades for fall/winter 2017

There are two kinds of people in the world: Those who live and die by the words of industry experts, and those who won't be told what's good or God-awful, what's hot or what's hot two seasons ago, unless that voice comes from their inner critic — the only opinion that counts. 

Those familiar with the niche bracket that is the new wave sound belong in the latter category. They aren't strangers to (nor are they deterred by) the less-than-stellar reviews of their preferred genre, traceable all the way back to the 1970s when it originated. It was a siege. The music maestri insisted on calling it noise, one not quite mod rock yet not brazen enough to be disco, while the fashion pundits shamed and shunned the holographic fingerless gloves, ties won ironically, and the big hair that will stay put come hell or high water.

HarDior sunglasses inspired by electronica of the past.

But music is art; so is fashion. As such, at the centre of every reaction — favourable or otherwise — to which is a kill switch that flips with time. Time, and the evolution that accompanies it reset our taste and turns our old opinions on their heads, challenging us, the critics and the consumers, to review past convictions. 

And on new wave fashion, we have. Our verdict: Bring it back! Bring back the hair, the gloves, heck, bring back the ties even, along with the wild eyewear — a sentiment clearly shared by Dior Homme this fall/winter season, exhibited by its latest sunglass range.

Called HarDior, the fine metallic frame (singular, as it was cut) sits like a flat mask of protection for the eyes. Available in two sizes and dyed in orange, green and silver, the Dior Homme sunglasses celebrate an ambiguous chapter in rock music and suggest an unguarded view of times ahead.

Dior Homme HarDior sunglasses are available in stores.

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