Gucci's new bamboo handle bags come with a special edition Jane Austen book

Gucci's new bamboo handle bags come with a special edition Jane Austen book

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Text: Andrea Sim

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Beyond Gucci's kaleidoscope of colours, you'll find that creative director Alessandro Michele is a rather nostalgic creature. His collections have sung of the impetuous '80s, the disco-inflected '70s, and his animals a nod to customs of culture (Gucci's tiger a close call to Tibet's traditional cat motif). Blending the allure and headiness of eras bygone, season upon season Michele has us scrambling to inhabit his eclectic world of influences.

Here's your next obsession. 

Dating as far back as the brand's archives 70 years prior, the designer celebrates Gucci's iconic bamboo handle — first surfaced in post-war 1947 — by tacking it onto this season's quaint, ornamental beauties. In true over-the-top fashion, there's more: Michele rehashes the early 20th century by tucking into each Bamboo Classic bag a Gucci-bound edition of Jane Austen's early works, 'Juvenilia'; harking the women in the past who read on the road to avoid unwanted male attention.

In today's milieu, these floral paperbacks will probably journey with us to the next 'gram-worthy cafe just to end up flatlayed for the feed — but part of Michele's magic is the very allure of the idea itself. And, the calculated relevance his "antiquated" references serve in 2017. 

See fall 2017's range of bamboo handle bags:

Available at Gucci boutiques. 

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