Gucci's Ace sneakers are now customisable with over 100 combinations

Gucci's Ace sneakers are now customisable with over 100 combinations

Snap on, snap off

Text: Andrea Sim

Alessandro Michele wants you to switch up your kicks with an array of iconic Gucci motifs

Simplicity was never a word we thought we'd use in tandem with Alessandro Michele, but the designer's latest endeavour — uncomplicated as it might be — is pure brilliance. Indulging the Gucci devotee by re-designing the house's quintessential kicks, pre-fall's Ace sneakers come refreshed with its motifs sitting atop the lacings in the form of detachable, snap-on patches. The upper (like the very first Ace rendition) retains its signature stripe house emblem.  

Gucci ace sneakers patches

But here's where the fun begins. An additional range of 18 crystal and beaded patches for men and women (featuring the bow, bee, tiger, pineapple and panther, amongst others) accompany the newly revamped Ace. Yours for the taking, a classicist will don his stash of Gucci icons paired in synergy, but we recommend wearing them intentionally mistmatched — in line with Michele's endearing eccentricity. Think of it as a conversation starter guaranteed to cut through awkward social interactions, and of course, as the Gucci fanatic's badge of honour and means of self-expression. 

Gucci ace sneakers patches

Each purchase of the new Gucci Ace sneakers comes with two pre-existing patches. Customise them by building up your collection of motifs, and explore over a 100 possible combinations. Available at Gucci boutiques. 

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