Is the Giuseppe Zanotti "RNBW" sneaker the happiest shoe we've ever seen? Most probably

Vain pot

Text: Jolene Khor

Giuseppe Zanotti's "RNBW" sneakers are a celebration of freedom of youth

What they've been telling you since childhood is a lie. The pot of gold at the end of a rainbow is a fable. There's no gold to be had, there's no shilling to be claimed, only shoes. Really cool sneakers by Giuseppe Zanotti to be specific. We're not complaining.

Long before it opened its doors to the Singapore flagship at Ion Orchard, Zanotti has been toying with his childhood ideograms. Those who are able to recall his "ice-cream" heel from the early naughties (drawn from memory of the dessert sold at his father's bar) could attest to Zanotti's youthful proclivities. 

In this occasional straying from the Italian's sex on deck DNA, we're treated to footwear of a more practical kind, though no less diabetic. The new "RNBW" sneakers — seen above in a tongue-in-cheek "the making of" sequence — are a happy iteration of the Zanotti signature (all chunky zipper and accented pull tab) only now featuring an exclusive paint job responsible for the vinyl effect on the leather, made to look glossy even in the dark.

Available in women, men and junior sizes online and at Ion Orchard, #01-11A.