Gigi Hadid and Vogue Eyewear serve up the sunglass wardrobe of dreams

Eye for desire

Text: Andrea Sim

A cocktail of classic, on-trend and retro frames

Simply excelling as a master of your field won't cut it anymore today — just ask the multi-hyphenates who, with chops spanning product design, photography, modelling, singing, acting (the list is inexhaustible) have shaped our current loftier aspirations. Not long after Gigi Hadid blew up on the runways, the model put on her designer's hat with the backing of Tommy Hilfiger and released four co-collections. While spring/summer 2018 marked the last Tommy x Gigi tie-up, the secret we're sure, is to constantly keep the cogs turning. 

Hadid's latest endeavour: designing sunglasses in collaboration with Vogue Eyewear. And judging by the 7-style strong selection, she knows just what a woman wants. Today, it's the micro (or narrow) frame — offered in various cat-eye iterations and tinted lenses. With the cooling of the trend tomorrow, classics like the round and rectangular pairs provide mileage with their timeless qualities.

See Hadid in her collection above, and all the products below. 


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