Stocking stuffers for the eco-friendliest people you know

Stocking stuffers for the eco-friendliest people you know

Small and steady

Text: Kimberly Kiong

Image: Oliver Nanzig

With Christmas just two weekends away, Freitag's Little Truckin' Goods couldn't come at a better time

You know what they say: Good things come in small packages.

Made from the truck tarpaulin off-shoots of Freitag's bulkier products, the eco brand stays true to their street cred by making sure none of the scrap materials from their main production line or one-off collaborations with designers go to waste — via a mini collection aptly called Little Truckin' Goods. The nine new heavy-duty accessories possess the same sturdy finish and vibrant visuals as their predecessors, only a lot more handier to carry around.

Not only will the wallets, pencil cases, journal covers and key holders fit nicely into pockets and small carry-ons, their waterproof hardiness make for practical investment pieces for the current wet weather. On behalf of your giftee, we thank you. There is quite a major downside to consider. Each item from the Little Trickin' Goods range come in over 30 colourways, so we suggest you better get cracking, Santa.

Available at Actually,  located at Orchard Gateway #03-03.