Buro exclusive: Watch Fendi's short film inspired by a modern day Marie Antoinette


Text: Andrea Sim

Glamour, secrets, hedonism: Enter the world of Fendi through the intoxicating lenses of French director, Rebecca Zlotowski

Fast forward three centuries and Marie Antoinette is zipping around Paris having the night of her life. Swathed in fabulous fur, flanked by a girl gang, and in search of a little mayhem. Her secret weapon? The perfect pair of Fendi eyewear to inject some mystery into the mix.

Debuting spring 2017's Can Eye sunglasses in an intoxicating melange of night lights and chaos with actress Sigrid Bouaziz at the centre of it all, watch to see a modern, fictional Antoinette have the girls night out of dreams.  

The spring/summer 2017 Can Eye sunglasses are available in Fendi boutiques from April 2017.