Emotional baggage you'll want to hold on to

For dear life

Emotional baggage you'll want to hold on to
Palestinian artist Janan Shihadeh transforms vintage classic bags with brushstrokes of colour and character

Let's face it, almost every lady who's ever gotten a paycheck has Chanel's quilted candy in her handbag arsenal. It has become a rite of passage and a symbol of independence. And really, what could be better that that? Well, when vintage classics have been hand painted with witty reads and comic brights, you know which bag to reach for to really show off your character.  

Specialising in vintage bags, e-commerce store Rewind has roped in Palestinian artist Janan Shihadeh who worked her paintbrush magic on the quilted flaps from Chanel, and monogrammed and epi leather speedys from Louis Vuitton. These exclusive buys are part of a series titled Emotional Baggage, and pack a punch with their eye-catching graphics and witty millenial hooks.

Emotional baggage you'll want to hold on to (фото 1)

Embrace the contemporary artwork that run the spectrum from the dark to the lighthearted, and, take a poke at new-age concerns. "I feel like I'm being unfollowed" is a feeling that is all too familiar. Unless you're a social media nun, this is one form of emotional baggage you can relate to and proudly tote around in life. 


Emotional Baggage from Rewind is available online here and at Salon by Surrender, The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands.  

Text: Andrea Sim

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