DiorClub1 visor: Can Dior revive this tacky noughties accessory?

DiorClub1 visor: Can Dior revive this tacky noughties accessory?

20/20 vision

Text: Jolene Khor

The visor has come and swiftly gone before. Whether the DiorClub1 is any different from its predecessors remains to be seen

Few designers have tried to make the visor happen in the years since the accessory flew off the crown of gel-spiked male dos from the noughties. You know, what we're talking about. Remember: American Pie, douchey jocks chewing gum and the headgear worn (unfortunately, not ironically) back-facing and upside down for extra eye-rolls.

Few designers have tried to make the visor happen. Few designers have failed. What, in our humble opinion, was the mistake made by the then-honchos at Marni, DKNY, Alexander McQueen and even Chanel? Did their renderings lack a certain street style element? Were they just an inch too high-brow for the average consumer? That would be a yes and a yes.

Don't get us wrong — we're not throwing shade at any of those big names (pun intended). But there's no denying Dior's visor, called the DiorClub1, is in a separate league, playing a different game even. For one, it doesn't abjure the visor's sporty origins – till today still spotted on putted greens and tennis courts. If anything, the DiorClub1 welcomes it, with its lightweight PVC in three neons and a grey, because Dior. 

Unlike the visor's older and more shi-shi cousins, this one rejects embellishments, fabrics which names you can't pronounce and wild, high fashion forms, instead taking on the humble elastic band and athletic branding under its cover. Put it on with your oversized hoodie on devil-may-care days or better yet, dress down jewelled satin shoes with it other times. Whatever you do, just stay clear of the hair gel.

DiorClub1 is available in Dior boutiques.