The Dior accessories that are one part lucky, another part to-die-for

Charmed's the word

Text: Andrea Sim

The stars align in Dior's latest release for cruise 2018

We'll dispense with the brief introduction to Monsieur Dior's superstitions, for it's been touched upon earlier in the season that the Tarot, the number eight and the lily of the valley are symbols he believed to be lucky. If anything, think of this as part deux; that slowly but surely, you'll get to know the full arsenal of charms Dior held dear.

Today's symbol, the star: A motif that he made sure to never be without, takes centre stage. As part of the cruise 2018 collection, it is littered across bags, wallets, phone cases and cardholders — its luck afforded in generous lashings to those who share similar sentiments. For the non-believer, one for the collection, for its subtle notes of whimsy is instinctively Dior. 

The Stars collection is available at Dior boutiques.