You got to love the chutzpah behind the Diorquake accessories from Christian Dior fall 2018

You got to love the chutzpah behind the Diorquake accessories from Christian Dior fall 2018

For one and all

Text: Andrea Sim

An ode to the might of youth

"Today, women can be anything." These four words strung together in such a manner are often followed by success stories of females, intended to empower. Heck, our last Netflix binge opened with this very statement. Tucking into Good Girls for a side of humour and the cast's somewhat madcap adventures, the premise for the show's female leads — not the men — to take charge was (surprise, surprise) that very proclaimation, established right at the start. Contrived? Sure, but our beef with the saying is born of something else entirely. 

Depending on a glass half full or glass half empty type of perspective, there could be two ways the young and impressionable could perceive this message. The first, female empowerment; a token of confidence. The second, the implication that before today, women couldn't just be anything we wanted; not necessarily the most potent shot of self-esteem. Rather than take our chances with the latter, Dior's Maria Grazia Chiuri spotlights a lesser told yet more appealing chutzpah this fall/winter 2018. It is the story of youth uprising — here, embodied in accessories.

Referencing the '60s movement known as the 'Youthquake' (a portmanteau of "youth" and "earthquake"), the decade saw the younger set overturn societal norms and sartorial codes by taking full ownership of the way in which they dressed. Think: opting for casualwear over age-old decorum, and an embracing of the wild, bohemian style. Going by Diorquake in fall 2018, Chiuri's maverick is likely to glean such an empowering spirit through the medley of clogs — a style that debuted at Dior in 1955 — in embroidered, floral patchwork reminiscent of the decade's sensibilities, and the return of the Oblique, a logo-print from the house's past. Tack on those wide waist belts with the supersized, bold 'D' buckles intended to be worn loud and proud, front and centre, for the full picture.

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