Rise of the dad cap: 5 brands fronting the headwear trend

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Rise of the dad cap: 5 brands fronting the headwear trend
Can't cop a piece of Anti Social Social Club's notoriously elusive goods? Here are five other brands worth ditching the trucker hat for

One man's hype may be another man's poison, but there's no denying this headwear trend that's crept up on us. Eliminating the hip hop trucker and hipster flat cap in one fell swoop, the dad cap has Hollywood's finest and Korea's trendsetters wrapped around its fitted crown. The ringleader? Anti Social Social Club, turning heads with an endearing oxymoronic logo spelled askew. Amassing a virtual queue that awaits the brand's sporadic and miraculous batch releases, we say scratch that — instead, turn your attention to these five other brands also headlining the dad cap game:

One of Korea's most noteworthy streetwear brands to stand out from the troop, Vibrate has made a name for itself by peddling a rebel attitude. While the signature "blurred" hand logo is undeniably a de facto, here's what we're truly down for: Not your average variety that's loaded with piercings.

On a less serious note, Psychic Hearts imbues the cap trend with a little fluoro from the '90s — tripping on the colour wheel to serve up a miscellany of lucid hues. Play to the subversively macabre label's tagline and declare your inner "psychic" in stonewashed denim: 

A born and bred New York skater, Supreme's ex-creative director brings his logo know-how over to Noah. Amidst sharp menswear tailoring and heritage checks are a host of trending caps — riddled with impactful branding and cut from pure wool. Snuggly, and sure to keep the noggin extra cozy. 

Compared to the rest, Harding Lane might seem like a contender from the backwaters, but don't knock their souvenir sensibilities just yet. Purveying embroidered motif baseball caps since 2009, the brother and sister duo have in fact, long outlived the trend. Why we love them? Simply because actual dads will still be repping their wares long after the dad cap's fashion demise.

Masterminded by the one and only G-Dragon, the K-pop star has channelled his quirky fashion force into street label, Peaceminusone. Deconstructed hoodies aside, hats off to the frontman of Big Bang for distilling the headwear of the moment; and also, what seems to be the lovechild of his two favourite accessories: Sneakers, and dad caps. Sold. 


Text: Andrea Sim

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