Cult Gaia, the LA name behind the popular Ark bamboo bag, is now into shoes

Cult Gaia, the LA name behind the popular Ark bamboo bag, is now into shoes

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Text: Jolene Khor

As far as firsts go, Cult Gaia is in the habit of hitting it out of the park

How was your Internet connection in 2016? Did you bust your monthly mobile data scrolling yourself into the depths of Instagram? If you've been at all online in between June to September, or really, anytime since then, chances are that you've digitally bumped into a Cult Gaia or two.

The second to break bamboo into the mainstream after giant pandas, Cult Gaia's Ark bamboo "clutch" climbed up to the It-list two summers ago when it was snapped in the arms of social's biggest fashion acts. Having released the airy carryall three whole years prior to its shot to fame (patience is the price to pay when you're that ahead of the curve), Jasmin Larian, designer and founder, understandably, has since been champing at the bit to get a move on.

Staying on her winning West coast composure, a shoe collection debut on Net-a-Porter. Four designs take on the Ark's sprightly slant — the Alia echoes the trendy architectural heel of 2018; the Luna is a stiletto reaching for objet d'art heights; the Sage a humble mule going for gold; while the Sienna intends on keeping its wearer rooted in the elements. As Larian puts it: "Every detail is intentional and the goal was to strike a balance between a wearable, timeless piece that also offers a standout moment."

Cult Gaia is available on Net-a-Porter.