What does it mean to be ladylike in 2017? This Italian bag brand has the answer

What does it mean to be ladylike in 2017? This Italian bag brand has the answer

I'm every woman

Text: Jolene Khor

From patchwork suede and exotic skin to smooth leather and mirror finish, Coccinelle designs for every lady on the street

If there was ever a word almost too dangerous to punch out in this decade of feminist movements and viral catchphrase hashtags, it is 'ladylike'. Defined as, "graceful, polite, and behaving in a way that is thought to be socially acceptable for a woman" by Cambridge Dictionary, it's a word to be applied with caution and sensitivity.

This is because it has long been argued that traditionally, femininity (and masculinity) is nothing more than a social construct that restricts the fluidity of true gender identity. Translation: A woman is no less of a woman if she is less poised, well-mannered or demure than her neighbours. 

Taking those complexities into consideration, would we condone Coccinelle's use of the aforementioned word to describe its latest bags? Yes. But hear us out. 

At the cusp of its 40th birthday, Italian bag label Coccinelle developed a fall/winter collection celebrating tastes — and women — of all kinds. For the glamorous, the Ambrine bag, modelled above. Its purple flowers applied on a golden lizard skin printed leather offer a certain feisty delicacy. The compact Arlettis bag, crafted with the street style-ready globetrotter in mind, challenges a classic shape with retro leather and suede fabrics, rendered patchwork and in colour-block and contrast stitching. Then there's the Clelia — the reliable satchel, an ode to the working woman. And Violaine Mirror, which comes in every colour under the sun to suit days when you're moody, ecstatic, energetic, content andapathetic.

Sexy, free-sprited, grounded and emotionally well-rounded all at the same time. If that's what it means to be ladylike in 2017, then bring it on. Ladylike us right up.

See Coccinelle's fall/winter 2017 lineup below:

Coccinelle bags are available at Robinsons The Heeran, TANGS at Tangs Orchard and Takashimaya Department Store.