Christopher Kane talks challenging perceptions and his debut sneakers collection

Christopher Kane talks challenging perceptions and his debut sneakers collection

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Andrea Sim

Image: Christopher Kane Press

Scottish design wunderkind Christopher Kane enters the sneaker game

In the recent years, mum jeans and sports shoes have proven to be more than just the uniform of suburban tourists; they've been given a brand new stylish repute courtesy of street style icons. You have those who love their Nikes, and then those who are die-hard Adidas fans. But now that Christopher Kane has officially entered the scene with his first ever collection exclusive to and, it's no longer just a toss-up between the two. 

If anything, these sneakers wholly represent the Scottish designer's modus operandi. His boundless imagination and penchant for turning mundane, everyday items into fantastical designs have made sure that they're not just your average kicks — lace overlays are contrasted with and grounded by the humble elastic buckle. 

Before you whip out the plastic and hop over to the e-tailers to check out a pair of trainers by Kane, hold your horses and find out what the designer has to say about his sneaker debut and the brand's promising future. 


Is there a specific design philosophy you follow as a brand?
My philosophy has always been to create collections that are both creative and commercial; for me it is all about drawing and creating new and exciting products. I get bored very easily, so I like to change and surprise with my collections. I like to challenge perceptions and turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. 

What were the influences or inspiration for these first launch collections, available for an exclusive period on Mr Porter and Net-a-Porter?
My inspiration for the trainers were function mixed with a strong Christopher Kane ID and signature. I wanted to create a classic shape that was modern without retro-isms and that can be worn by everyone. I wanted them to be clean and minimal. I can often be thought of as a maximalist, but I can be both. My trainers have the right balance of fashion and sportiness that are easy to pull on with jeans or an evening gown if you like! They work both ways, and I wanted that freedom. I am looking forward to seeing how the trainer evolves as seasons pass; it's a part of most people's daily wardrobes. 

Most brands have a particular facet to their shoes that is identifiable as unique to the brand — what is yours?
My new trainers carry two key brand components, the safety buckle and the elastic, which both featured in my debut show. They are constants in my work and part of my go-to brand codes. I launched my leather goods line last winter, and that too bore these two components. 

Who would you most like to see wearing your men's and women's sneakers?
I wanted a style that would work for everyone, a real classic that will be attractive to all ages.

What does the future hold for Christopher Kane?
There is so much going on right now. I have just opened my first store on Mount Street and have recently launched our website with view to open e-commerce soon. I am really looking forward to the future as we continue to grow into other product categories. 

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