Look no further for the statement bag strap of the season

Look no further for the statement bag strap of the season

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Text: Andrea Sim

Christian Louboutin releases an audacious range inspired by Greek goddess Artemis

We've been spoiled by the assemblage of bag straps our favourite labels have put up over the past few seasons. From floral dreams by Fendi to the handsome renditions at Louis Vuitton, let's just say that it's a tall order for the new season bag straps to leave a lasting impression. But when Christian Louboutin released its Artemis range in signature #OTT finesse, it turned out to be the refreshingly florid addition our low-key arm candy has been wanting for — one that's capable of injecting any timeless crossbody with an enviable pizzazz.  

Monikered after its namesake inspiration — Greek goddess and huntress Artemis — these straps have been conceived almost as a tribute to a woman's beauty, strength and elegance; offering up three elaborate variations tinged with the vibrancy and wildlife of Africa. Disclaimer: Not suited for the fashion wallflower, but as far as the audacious glamazon is concerned? It's just the statement you've been waiting to make.  

Available at Christian Louboutin boutiques from end March 2017