5 spring/summer 2017 accessories you’ll want for an auspicious Lunar New Year

5 spring/summer 2017 accessories you’ll want for an auspicious Lunar New Year

New gear

Text: Dora Aljoofri-Shrestha

Extras that will up your game (and luck)

Lunar New Year is right around the corner, and while everyone is thinking about their new garments, we've decided to shine the spotlight on accessories. Yes, brand new attires are part of the tradition but who says we need to leave out the extras. Not only will they elevate your whole look, they also have the ability to amplify your luck.

Ditch the red bag, shoes and trinkets, including the knickers. Here are five covetable spring/summer 2017 accessories — from top to toe — to ring in the Chinese New Year in style — and, with added prosperity.

What: Dior's reimagined fencing visor
Who should wear it: The avid gambler. Why? Because it's simply a stylish way of shielding yourself from your opponents, especially if your eyes are a dead giveaway when bluffing. Or it could simply be a distraction that throws everyone off at the gambling table. Either way... Huat ah!

What: Balenciaga's pouf bag
Who should carry it: For those who celebrate the occasion with more than just your immediate family. When we enter the realm of extended family, down to second cousins and beyond, finding a seat at your grandma's can be a tricky affair. This bag not only doubles up as a fancy (and practical) carrier for all those mandarin oranges, but when push comes to shove, it could also be a much needed seat.

What: Marc Jacobs platform clogs
Who should wear it: In some Chinese households, it is believed that one should wear clogs (the traditional red ones) around the house the morning of Lunar New Year. The platform is suppose to signify a promotion or a raise in the year ahead. If this pair of Marc Jacobs clogs doesn't guarantee you a promotion, we don't know what will.

What: Louis Vuitton Petite Malle phone case
Who should use it: Everyone. Your phone is practically an extension of you, and so it too deserves a new "outfit". Better still, in gold. 

What: The Gucci fan
Who should use it: For anyone who can't deal with our sunny island's humidity or if you're heading to some place that doesn't have an A/C. Then again, do you really need a reason to be carrying a high-fashion oriental fan from one of the most sought-after designers of the moment? No. Careful though, your aunties might be tempted to snatch this off your hands.