Did you know that the ingredients of Burberry's D-Ring bag dates back a 100 years?

Did you know that the ingredients of Burberry's D-Ring bag dates back a 100 years?

Something old, something new

Text: Andrea Sim

Image: Instagram | @burberry

Long live the trench coat: a key element of a 1912 design takes centre stage on Burberry's latest crossbody

When fashion at large heralded the death of the trench coat circa late 2016, it wasn't a sentiment that we echoed. Our inner monologue questioned then and now: why would such a classic garment — having proven its functionality for over a century — suddenly dwindle in favour? By our books, the trench coat is practically a hall pass in nailing any semblance of style; begging to be thrown over jeans and a tee on lazy days, and anything (yes, anything!) else on others. Its "decline" we concede is highly debatable at worst, but the proof is in the pudding with regards to how it's thriving today. In that Burberry x Gosha Rubchinskiy collab for one, and by proxy of a bag in this case. 

Specifically, the metal D-rings of a trench coat's belt, serving to attach one's belongings onto the garments, returns as the central feature of a namesake crossbody — a detail that first surfaced in 1912. This revival sees more heritage elements joining the mix, with the D-Ring bag outfitted in Burberry's vintage check in two iterations — smooth and textured leather on others — and the shape of the bag's body informed by an archival piece. An elemental accessory? Check. Available in three sizes? Check. That on-trend check? Yes.

Available online and at Burberry boutiques.

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