An icon in the making: Meet Bulgari's new arm candy

An icon in the making: Meet Bulgari's new arm candy

The Divas' Dream

Text: Andrea Sim

A refined rebellion from the house synonymous with elegance

A mere mention of Bulgari brings to mind its quintessential hardware (the B.zero1 rings) and its timeless bags beloved by society's inner corterie. Spend an evening at Per Se in New York, the Chiltern Firehouse in London or The Long Bar in Shanghai, and you'll see the Serpenti slung inscouciantly on the shoulders of impeccably groomed ladies; it's appeal undeniable the world over. Primed to follow in its footsteps is the Divas' Dream, Bulgari's latest arm candy. 

Bella Hadid Bulgari

It's inspiration? The elegant fan-shaped motifs that define the brand's jewellery range of the same name. On the bag, unleashed twofold for a feminine yet powerful marker just like the Serpenti's famed snakehead closure. But here's where they differ: The Divas' Dream sports a quilted and studded face laced with rock 'n' roll hardware, taking on the role as a rebellious, younger sister to the former. 

Bella Hadid Bulgari Divas' Dream bag

And as with all Bulgari creations, the Divas' Dream too, bears semblance to the house's birthplace, Italy. This time, we see the mosaics of the Roman Empire lending its beauty and heritage to an icon in the making. 

Available at Bulgari boutiques in two sizes.