Alphabetically adorable: Fendi introduces the ABCharms


Alphabetically adorable: Fendi introduces the ABCharms
Easy as A B C: Fendi saves us from holiday headache with the perfect Christmas gift

Last year, the mischievous luxury house infected us with its viral Bag Bugs charms. And, just in time for Christmas this year, Fendi has unveiled its new ABCharms — yet again, covering us for the gift-giving season.   

Avoid the last-minute frantic shopping dash with these 26 fox-fur pompoms, each representing a letter of the alphabet. Splashed in vivid colour combinations, these fur balls retain their predecessors' notorious frisk — think: pink/blue, purple/green, and fuchsia/yellow. They may be marketed as bag charms, but the adaptable key chains allow for easy attachment anywhere. After all, the best gifts are practical sì?

These furry friends will, guaranteed, make gift-hunting a breeze: Simply pick a letter or two based on your recipient's initials and voila! You have yourself a fun and personalised package.

Fendi ABCharms

The ABCharms are available in Fendi boutiques worldwide.

Text: Indah Jayanti

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