Adidas Originals to release the P.O.D. System: How the sneaker intends to earn its stripes

Adidas Originals to release the P.O.D. System: How the sneaker intends to earn its stripes

Run, don't walk

Text: Andrea Sim

'90s running technology re-purposed for the millennium is at the core of Adidas Originals' new drop, the P.O.D. S3.1

A pragmatist will look at footwear in two large subsets: you have your shoes made for walking, and the ones made to look pretty. Adidas Originals' latest drop, the P.O.D. S3.1 sneaker, hopes to come out on top in both categories.

18 months in the making, the process has seen the brand cull all elements save for three deemed peerless — the three stripes BOOST technology, an EVA forefoot, and the Point of Deflection System taken out of their '90s archive from which the sneaker gleans its name. As we delve deeper into each fragment, its make-up promises a synergistic unit optimised for comfort and performance.

Beginning with the P.O.D. S3.1's BOOST heel that functions to well, boost its wearer, it cushions foot to floor impact and provides energy return with each step. Going hand-in-hand is the front half of the sole — using EVA technology — for cushioning and rebound properties in the same vein. At the centre of it all, the aforementioned Point of Deflection System, re-purposed from the '90s and applied as a Point of Deflection bridge on the P.O.D. S3.1 to effect stability, absorb shock and, promote movement of the foot within the shoe.

Of the three elements, Morgan Boeri, Vice President of Footwear at Adidas said, "We believe that the whole shoe is better than the sum of its parts." Boasting a seamless creation with the one goal of achieving natural motion on feet, the P.O.D. S3.1 speaks of the quiet yet undeniable alchemy of three stripes innovation.

A look at the '90s Point of Deflection System that inspired: 

Available at Adidas Originals stores and on from 16 June.

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