Achieve peace of mind with The Mindful Company

Achieve peace of mind with The Mindful Company

The zen life

Text: Angelyn Kwek

Calm and clarity is yours with the new Reminder Bands from The Mindful Company

Undertaking a mission of heroic proportions is The Mindful Company, a local start-up whose trade puts them on a higher rung than most run-of-the-mill retail brands. Founded by former lawyer and investment banker, Ciara Yeo, The Mindful Company is her brave stance for inner harmony against our world's overwhelmingly distractions.

Inspiring and encouraging the practice of mindful living through Reminder Bands, these thoughtfully designed pieces are much more than mere trinkets. Inscribed with simple yet powerful messages that aid in the art of mindfulness  a proven technique that probes your mental processes to focus the mind for calm, clarity and emotional stability  these bands will benefit busy, stressed-out individuals.

The Mindful Company Reminder Bands Womens

Attesting to the advantages of mindfulness, Yeo envisioned The Mindful Company as the driving force in helping others achieve that sought after sense of calm. To that end, the brand has launched a new series of Reminder Bands with new messages. Durable and beautifully sleek, the bands are designed for comfortable everyday wear to keep these meaningful memos close to you.

The Mindful Company Reminder Bands Womens

Whether you don the bands on its own or mix them with other jewellery, these considerable cuffs don't just look pretty on your wrists — they're also your gateway to mental tranquility that will have you appreciating life just that little bit more.

The Mindful Company's full collection of Reminder Bands are available here.