Accessories Report: The top 10 trends for fall/winter 2015

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Accessories Report: The top 10 trends for fall/winter 2015
New styling tricks and finishing touches that will instantly elevate your cold weather looks

This fall/winter, there will be no such thing as over-accessorising. Lead by Givenchy, Balenciaga and Miu Miu, when it comes to finishing off your outfit think big, bold and, occasionally, quirky accessories. From hirsute shoes (yes, hairy shoes) to timeless pearls reworked into headphones, here's our top 10 favourite accessory trends.

1. Berets
Because who wouldn't love to top off their look with a little French insouciance?

Luisa Beccaria Fall 2015 Accessories Trend Beret

2. Furry shoes
All we have to say is: Chewbacca, eat your heart out. 

Furry Shoes Fall Winter 2015 Gucci

3. Brooches
Time to dig up nana's heirloom pieces. 

Brooch Fall Winter 2015 Balenciaga

4. Hosiery
Opaque or sheer? Who cares? It's all about the print and pattern. Whether it's fishnet, lace or ripped stockings, turn to Rodarte and Saint Laurent's girls for inspiration. 

Hosiery Fall Winter 2015 Rodarte

5. Block kitten heels
If comfort is what you're after, than thank your lucky stars that kitten heels with sturdy block heels are back.

Block kitten heel Fall Winter 2015 Chanel

6. Elongated gloves
Give everything you wear a high-fashion twist with this understated yet practical extra. It might just be your best winter companion yet.

Elbow length gloves Fall Winter 2015 Prada

7. Hand-held bags
Flex your hand muscles ladies. Long straps not included.

Hand held bag Fall Winter 2015 LV

8. Pearls
Revamped, reinterpreted and refurbished, the classic pearl is back with a vengeance. Our favourite iteration? The pearl and jewel-embellished Dolce & Gabbana headphones. 

Pearls Fall Winter 2015 Dolce Gabbana

9. Oversized bags
As much as we love the miniature bag trend from the last few seasons, we will admit that downsizing has been a challenge. Upsizing, on the other hand, is our forte.

Fall Winter 2015 Accessories Trend Oversized Bags Celine

10. The statement solo earring
We love it when fashion is impractical yet practical. In case you ever lose one of your earrings, rock the single earring trend. 

Single earring Fall Winter 2015 Tibi

Text: Dora Aljoofri-Shrestha

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