10 crescent moon bags to shop for if you're looking for a new tote

10 crescent moon bags to shop for if you're looking for a new tote

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Text: Cheryl Chan

From the Hermes Birkin to Chanel's 2.55, fashion has had no shortage of It bags. For most women, when we head out a bag is mandatory, and its contents hold the secret in keeping us together as we go about our day. Sometimes these bags even become little extensions of our personalities, with many of us choosing designs that suit our styles or feelings for that day.

Historically, design houses have always tended to play it safe when it came to the shapes and designs of their bags - and we can see why. These bags are usually touted as investments, meant to stay in your wardrobe (or traded when the time was right) for a very long time to come. This means designs that were classic and easy to match were heavily favored.

But of late, It bags have taken a whimsical turn, with kitschy and fun styles such as the micro-mini purse (so useless, but so, so cute) and soft pillow-like clutches taking over the street style scene and coveted spots in people's treasured bag collections. Perhaps due to the increased visibility of social media, people wanted their cult accessories to stand out, instead of blend in.

Enter the crescent moon bag, the latest bag shape to have caught our attention.  While the bag shape itself is not entirely new, it owes it revival thanks to the recent wave of '2000s nostalgia when shoulder bags made its way back into the mainstream thanks to celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid.

So if you're looking for a new bag to tote your groceries or to carry your essentials once life gets back to (semi) normal, here's a couple of options that you might enjoy.