Read this before embarking on a body transformation

You got this

  • 05.10.2021

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So, you’re considering embarking on a weight loss regime, or perhaps, already a few weeks into it but starting to lose some steam. That’s fair, what you’re doing isn’t a walk in the park. In fact, you should be giving yourself a pat on the back for actually taking the first step in committing to it. But we get it, when your muscles start hurting, or when you’ve once again denied yourself another sweet treat, the temptation to give it all up is too great. Well, before you throw in the towel, here’s what professionals like Sebastian Eio and Brendan Ong from META Performance have to say.

The first step is always the hardest

Sometimes, the inertia to begin is the hardest thing to get past, so the fact that you’ve convinced yourself to go for it, that’s half the battle’s already won! 

“Always remind yourself why you decided to start this journey. A couple of lifestyle habits have to be changed for the better. Things like going from being sedentary to heading to the gym 3 times a week for your weight training sessions and switching that bag of chips for a proper nutritious meal. It might be daunting at the start, but very soon you will see quick changes and once you are past that “start” phase, it becomes a new lifestyle and believe it or not, it gets easier.”

It’s not just a numbers game

The success of your weight loss journey isn’t dependent on just the numbers on the scale alone.

“Understand that weight loss does not equal fat loss. Yes the eventual goal is to lose weight but understand that, we want to keep the muscle and lose fat! Do not go right into a starvation diet as this will slow metabolism in the long run and you will eventually put all the weight back on eventually. Slow and steady wins the race! At META Performance, we measure the client’s body fat every 2 weeks to ensure that weight loss and muscle gain happens at the right body parts.”

When the going gets hard

So you’ve gotten past the initial excitement of getting fit, and the mundaneness sets in.

“After having gone through a couple of weeks of weight loss, there may come a point whereby your mind might play tricks on you. Things would start to seem boring or you may start to feel unmotivated. It’s all normal! If you are seeing results, remind yourself to press on. A trick is to take progress photos. Seeing the progress you make on a weekly basis will definitely motivate you.”

Why aren’t we there yet??

You’re almost at the end of this journey, but why are things not as rewarding as before?

“When you are about to shed the last few kilos of body fat, this is when things might slow down, and the only way to get through this phase is to keep going. Don’t be demoralised because your weight isn’t dropping as quickly as the first few weeks. It is entirely normal. The body tends to adapt and be rebellious in its attempt to stop you from dieting but remember you are almost at the finish line!”

Pay attention to other changes in your body 

Be mindful of developing loose skin.

“From experience, clients who are losing a lot of weight correctly and gradually would not have an issue with loose skin. People who crash diets or lose weight too quickly, not giving time for skin to adjust and adapt to a new body, might develop loose skin.”

Going on a smart diet plan should not create hair loss issues.

“Hair loss issues usually arise only when one is eating too little calories for a period of time or too little protein. Protein not only builds muscles, it helps skin and hair growth too.”

In some cases, you may also experience mood swings or even a decrease in libido.

“This is due to being put on an extremely low calorie deficit for a prolonged period of time. At META, we always ensure this never happens. Our client’s health is above all. We do not believe in crash diets / starvation just to achieve a fast result as this harms your body in the long run.”