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  • 28.06.2021

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Working from home has its perks: sleeping in, lounging in sweats, taking naps, and spending more time with the kids. Well, that last one was probably really good at the start but as the pandemic soldiers on, we think that some parents might need a little help when it comes to entertaining their children.

You remember, don’t you? Being an inquisitive, youngling with so much energy and constantly wanting attention from your parents. While television shows and YouTube are great options, they may not contain the most productive, useful, or even child-safe content. Instead, check out these podcasts that will capture your children’s attention and keep them mentally stimulated for hours while you hustle on.

For the ones that ask all sorts of random questions
But Why: A Podcast For Curious Kids

How would you answer this: “Why is the sky blue?” Yeah, we wouldn’t know how to either. But this 20- to 30-minute podcast has the perfect answers for questions revolving around money, numbers, animals, and so much more. They also dive deeper into the explanations to leave no stone unturned – simple answers tend to lead to a plethora of other questions and this podcast has all the answers.

For the ones that can’t fall asleep
Sleep Tight Stories

There are only so many times that you can retell the stories of ‘Cinderella’ or ‘Little Red Riding Hood’. This podcast has over 100 episodes of classic and unique fairy tales that are beautifully told by the host while ambient sounds add realism to every story. Careful now, even as an adult, you may find yourself falling asleep to these 20-minute clips as well.

For the next Albert Einsteins
Brains On

Being a science geek can be fun and exciting too – this podcast is living proof. Older kids would have a field day listening to the episodes that are centred around experts answering hard-hitting questions that children on the show will ask personally, regarding the wide range of topics surrounding biology, geology, and physics. Get those thinking caps on.

For the potential musical prodigies
Noodle Loaf

It is no secret that kids love music, they sway side-to-side and bop to their favourite beats. But let’s be honest, the appeal of “Baby Shark” has long faded away by now. Get your kids hooked on these podcasts by musician and author Dan Saks who touches on interesting music facts and features songs involving an array of different musical instruments and guests.

For the aspiring detectives and adventurers
Eleanor Amplified

Social media can be very scary and many of us have made our fair share of mistakes online with ridiculous tweets or pictures that we regret today. This adventure series follows a world-famous radio reporter, Eleanor Amplified, as she uncovers devious schemes while teaching children about the importance of smart social media usage and how to be a journalist. It’s fun, it’s engaging, and who knows maybe your kid will become the next “Nancy Drew”.

For the insteresting life-lessons
Short & Curly

When it comes to morals and ethics, it is hard to teach anyone these – let alone children who have yet to experience many significant milestones in their life. But by the time those hits, they may not know how to react. This podcast poses interesting scenarios that will question listeners to think about what they would do in a situation and the programme will suggest what is right and wrong. The dramatisation of each episode is formulated to add humour while being just as thought-provoking.