Editor’s Letter x October: Mindful Over Matter

Be still, stay chill

  • 06.10.2021

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Let me start off this note by asking, how is it October already? It feels like every time I blink, I find myself writing another Editor’s letter. Each time I sigh with relief as I sign off, hoping I’ve mentioned all that I can to excite and enthral you into looking forward to another month’s worth of exciting and engaging content with Buro. Singapore. Before I know it, time slips away and I’m sitting here, ready to do it all again.

I don’t know if it’s the Universe giving us a sign, but the above segues rather beautifully into our theme for this month, which is all about being Mindful. With less time, more things to do, an endless list of tasks that never seem to ever truly complete, an endemic in tow and emotions at all time highs, there’s never been a better moment than now to embrace the art of all things mindfulness.

Where once I was convinced this word was laced with visions of yogis sitting cross-legged on a patch of grass overlooking the ocean or hours of meditation and silent therapy (my worst nightmare, keeping quiet on purpose) I’ve come to realise: being mindful has very little to do with any particular act itself. As a clinical psychologist I was chatting to recently said to me, ‘You are a human being, not a human doing. So be, don’t do.’ Ordinarily, I would’ve used that line as an Instagram quote and then, gotten on with all the things I needed to do. But with everything that we’ve endured as a human collective over the last two years, it’s really opened my eyes to this notion of stillness and all it can bring.

As creative professionals in particular, we seem to be especially talented at always thriving in the chaos – be it under tight timeframes, deadlines, competing priorities, design requirements or event management. We find inspiration amongst the minutes ticking by until we need to deliver and often, our best work comes as an ‘Aha!’ moment upon the eleventh hour. But whilst those epiphanies have their place, I’ve discovered off-late that real, grounded, rooted inspiration is often drawn from the moments of silence, not those of noise. That doesn’t mean you have to sit and meditate quietly for 20 minutes. Nor does it mean becoming the ultimate Yoga Champion. What does it mean? To me, it’s meant letting myself in, to me. Embracing time spent alone, but it on the couch watching Netflix, going for a stroll to my favourite cafe for a takeaway coffee, spending time re-decorating my apartment or even simply sitting by the poolside with a great book. It’s the moments where we don’t need to out-run ourselves, that I find, is when we really become mindful over matter.

As the year draws closer and closer to an end and the Festive season shines upon us, we’re taking October to self-love to the max and distribute the good vibes around us. From World Mental Health Day this Sunday, 10 October to World Food Day on 16 October and International Day of Non-Violence that just passed us on 2nd October, there’s no better month to celebrate self and global unity.

So dive into our features today, from a 20-something-year-old Editor’s reflections on how she re-defines growth as a result of living through a two-year pandemic to a Beauty Editor’s perspective on where modern culture blurs the lines between aspects such as self-preservation, care and narcissism. Or, find your next #loveinspo through our piece on the 30 lessons I’ve learned from love and heartbreak by the age of thirty.

And that’s just the beginning. We’ll keep you updated on all our incoming features this month via our Instagram and Facebook pages too, so be sure to click on to them during your next solo coffee date and moment of R&R.

Stay mindful!

R x