One day only: You can now order a lion dance troupe using Uber

One day only: You can now order a lion dance troupe using Uber

Huat ah!

Text: Adibah Isa

Image: Uber

Here's another way to get cultured this Chinese New Year

It might not be a kitten, but a lion dance troupe could very well be the next best thing. Uber's UberKITTENS campaign called all crazy cat ladies to selected cities in America last year, where the rest of the world watched haplessly as Grace Coddington played with a bunch of fuzzy creatures.

Those fuzzy creatures now arrive in Singapore at a larger scale — by way of a lion dance troupe. Open your Uber app anytime between 10am to 5pm on 3 February (tomorrow) to request for an UberLIONDANCE — there'll be a Lion Dance icon to slide your mark to. If one's available, they'll arrive within minutes. At the cost of $158, it's a great way to treat your co-workers, family and friends to extra fortune when an angbao just doesn't cut it.

Demand will be high, so Uber suggests trying a few times. If you'd like to request one for the office, make sure you speak to your building management to ensure such dances are allowed. Roar responsibly. 

Uber invites you to share your experience with the hashtag, #UBERLIONDANCE.