Watch now: A 14 year-old Amy Winehouse reinvents ‘Happy Birthday’

Watch now: A 14 year-old Amy Winehouse reinvents ‘Happy Birthday’

A new clip from ‘Amy’

Text: Varsha Sivaram

Image: Getty Images

The late soul singer had a troubled career, but an illustrious life nonetheless. ‘Amy’ releases a never-before-seen clip

Amy, the upcoming documentary on the legacy of singer Amy Winehouse, has been subject to much buzz from critics and audiences since its debut at Cannes. As prominent as Winehouse was in the eyes of the media, the true story behind her struggles was never genuinely revealed. From archival video footage to audio interviews that will make their debut in the film, director Asif Kapadia seems to have covered all bases – or not.

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A new sneak peek of the documentary has now hit the Internet. An emotional throwback, it shows Winehouse at the young age of 14, singing 'Happy Birthday' to a friend in a voice that, albeit playful, is uniquely hers. Soulful and mature beyond the years, it's a glimpse of the star before fame took over.

Watch the clip below, and prepare yourself for the film's worldwide release on 10 July.