Watch now: Charlie Lim's new music video, Bitter

A moment in time

Text: Adibah Isa

Image: Charlie Lim

Charlie Lim releases the music video for Bitter, off his Time/Space record

After releasing his first music video, I Only Tell The Truth, a YouTube comment aptly described it as, "a hipster version of Lost". For its production, Charlie Lim rented a jumbo plane, roamed in the desert and sank (with his oxygen mask still attached) in the oceans of Australia, where the temperature was at a freezing 5 degrees — you know, just your run-of-the-mill plane crash situation.

For his second music video, the singer-songwriter took an illustrated turn. Directed by Anita Lester, Bitter's music video takes conscious colouring to a whole other level. Landscapes of forests, mountains and oceans come together in this cartoon for adults, where the skies switch interchangeably from the most passionate of reds to the bleakest of blues — like the best of relationships, we reckon. You'll also see an illustrated version of Lim, complete with black-rimmed glasses. The charmer? A manic pixie dream girl with blue hair and blue eyebrows to boot.

Listen and purchase Bitter from iTunes and Amazon. Catch Charlie Lim at the Singapore International Jazz Festival from 4 to 6 March at Marina Bay Sands. For tickets, click here.