5 things to do this weekend: 10 - 12 February

5 things to do this weekend: 10 - 12 February

Weekend game plan

Text: Meera Navlakha

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Do a little dance and make a litle love this pre-Valentine's weekend

POETRY | Speakeasy #30: Valentine’s Day Edition
Looking for like-minded love interests? This Valentine’s Day, Artistry is bringing together 14 writers and poets including Cyril Wong, Marylyn Tan and Yong Shu Hoong. Pay as you please.
10 February, 8pm to 11pm at Artistry. For more information, click here.

MUSIC | Journey Live
Iconic American rock band Journey will be playing in Singapore for their adoring fans, bringing with them classic hits like Separate Ways (Worlds Apart) and Any Way You Want It.

10 February, 8pm to 10.30pm at the Star Performing Arts Center. For more information, click here.

SHOP | MAAD Pyjamas
Head to the Red Dot Design Museum for a curated list of best art, craft and design goods. This time, guests can get their portraits drawn as part of the Portraits after Dark initative, who has partnered with the Organisation of Illustrators Council.

Red Dot
10 to 11 February, 5pm to 12am. For more information, click here.

FILM | Cinémathèque Selects
The National Museum of Singapore's monthly film soirée presents Eating Air (1999), a local gangland fantasy romance featuring an old-school boy-meets-girl narrative. The directors of Eating Air chose an additional film for screening, Billy Liar (1963), a British comedy-drama about a man who can't stop telling lies, which inspired their own production.

11 February, 2pm and 5pm at National Museum of Singapore. For more information, click here.

SHOP | Swapaholic Day
Swapping is in, shopping is out. Go green by trading in your closet’s items and exchanging them for someone else’s. Swagalls is organising its second Swapaholic event, where shoppers can bring up to 12 items for a registration fee of $10.

12 February, 11am to 3.30pm at Marina Barrage. For more information, click here.