What does Tory Burch listen to on vacation?

What does Tory Burch listen to on vacation?

Travel tunes

Text: Adibah Isa

Tory Burch collaborates with Apple Music for a summer travel playlist

What does a Tory Burch collection sound like? Sure, it's show-stoppingly gorgeous and oh-so-accessible like a dear friend, but what binds Burch's multiple influences and moods could very well be tied together in a playlist. Apple Music's newest curator is none other than the 51-year-old American designer, who features diverse genres such as hip-hop, new wave, classic rock and soul.

Summer Playlist and Love Divine are two playlists that will be updated every two weeks, so there's always room for fresh blood. Here's a sneak peek of the selections below.

Kanye West, 'Hey Mama'

Led Zeppelin, 'Going to California'

Many Chao, 'Bong o Bong'

Lou Reed, 'Walk on the Wild Side'

Listen to Tory Burch's music selections.