@MusingMutley: 13 facts and observations from the Tod's exhibition in Tokyo

@MusingMutley: 13 facts and observations from the Tod's exhibition in Tokyo


Text: Norman Tan

All the fun, frivolity, and clandestine facts from the Tod's cocktail exhibition in Tokyo to celebrate its upcoming coffee table book, Timeless Icons

Come January 2017, Tod's will unveil a tome as a tribute to the enduring modernity of timeless icons that reflect its own commitment to style and la dolce vita. Think: Brigitte Bardot, Brad Pitt, Lauren Hutton and Steve McQueen. So, why not throw a cocktail party and exhibition in Tokyo as a teaser to the upcoming launch? Heck yes, we say. Here, as told through 13 insider observations and quirky facts — which together spell out 'Timeless Icons' (see what I did there?) — is what went down at the Tod's headquarters in Tokyo Omotesando.

The book, Timeless Icons, will feature black-and-white archival images of past and present bon vivants and celebrities that capture the personality, quality, and elegance esteemed by Tod's.


If the exhibition — held on the sixth floor of the Tod's Omotesando store — is anything to go by, expect never-seen-before portraits of stars like Cindy Crawford, George Clooney and Charlize Theron.


Maybe because I have a thing for hats (actually, all headgear) but my favourite male portrait was that of a young Mick Jagger, sporting an upturned Panama Hat.


Everyone wanted a piece of Mr Diego Della Valle, president and chief executive of Tod's. Dressed in a navy blazer finished with a black cravat, he generously obliged to every #selfie request. Classy.


Diego Della Valle and Zhang Ziyi

Lauren Hutton is a stunner, but Cindy Crawford was my favourte female portrait. Have you seen her 15-year old daughter, Kaia Gerber? Splitting image of her supermodel mom.


Earlier in the day, Andrea Incontri, the men's creative director showed us the SS17 collection: "Our jackets are hand-finished so each is unique." Also, they're dope soft.  

Someone said, "Zhang Ziyi" and the paparazzi went cray. Flicks her loosely tousled hair. Click. Poses in an oversized ochre V-neck sweater. Click. Throws her head back in laughter. Click, click.


Someone said, "Krystal Jung" and, to be honest, I thought, "Who?" Turns out, it's Jessica Jung's sister and also a Korean pop star. Okay, got it. Also has 4.3 million followers on Instagram


Korean singer Krystal Jung

I can't even. There's a chaotic explosion of flashes. Hong Kong actor, Aaron Kwok has arrived and is posing for happy snaps with Zhang Ziyi. He's 52 and still has a six-pack.


Champagne, cocktail or sparkling water? Sparkling water. Always. That's just how I roll. Also, I want an Aaron Kwok six-pack. Also, I'm going to be attacking the dessert. So...


Over at dinner, held at the Park Hyatt — home to that famous Lost In Translation scene with Scarlett Johansson — we're treated to music by Japanese pianist, Keiichiro Shibuya.


Naturally, I asked Shibuya-san something stupid after his performance: "That was beautiful, who composed those pieces?" With a gentle smile, "I did." Of course, Norman. Duh.


Shibuya-san is also a DJ. Go figure. Hitting the decks after dessert, his music is more cerebral than catchy. Hard to dance to, but I tried. Taking my foot out of my mouth and onto the dance floor. Successful? One can only hope.   

The Tod's Timeless Icons coffee table book will be launched in January 2017. 
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