This new IKEA artist-collab line is a treasure chest of eccentric curiosities

This new IKEA artist-collab line is a treasure chest of eccentric curiosities

Weird and wonderful

Text: Aravin Sandran

IKEA enlists Swedish artist Per B Sundberg for a limited edition collection of surreal skull-shaped vases, dog candle holders and more

The "ugly" trend in sneakers might still be going strong, but it's certainly not a word that is usually associated with the home. Described ironically as "pretty, ugly, lovely", IKEA's latest limited edition FÖREMÅL line is a collaboration with celebrated Swedish glass and ceramic artist Per B. Sunberg.

Known for his child-like curiosity and absurdist humour, Per B Sunberg's playful experimentation has resulted in a collection that is chockful of quirky and surprising iconography: terracotta skull plant pots, aluminium poodle candle holders and banana vases.

Per B Sundberg has always questioned preconceived ideas about what is considered beautiful or ugly, and these objects will certainly be a stretch for barely-there minimalists and shy wallflowers. Each of the 26 pieces is a look-at-me conversation starter with a heavy dose of eccentricity. Take for example a velvet circular cushion. Where some see stains, he sees inspiration. On one of its side, it’s printed with a scanned and enlarged blemish from one of his ceramic works, and on the other, a coffee stain from his workbench.

In the foreword to a book about the artist, being released with the collection, IKEA Head of Design Marcus Engman, says that at first glance, the design behemoth and the rebel artist don't have much in common. "But we have the same curiosity. And we are driven by the same desire to challenge the accepted. We are as eager as each other when it comes to researching the unknown."

The brilliantly bizarre IKEA FÖREMÅL collection is exclusively available online in Singapore.

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