Things to do this weekend: R for Repair, Pongal Day Out, #THEATRE by INDEX, and more

Things to do this weekend: R for Repair, Pongal Day Out, #THEATRE by INDEX, and more

Weekend fun

Text: Azrin Tan

Phase 3's been introduced — and so, more and more of our favourite eateriesbars, and attractions have opened up their doors to customers. With that being said, bigger events still remain on hold. Not to fret though. This week, watch and appreciate art documentaries, discover how artists repair and redesign broken and faulty products, and learn all about Pongal, a festival celebrated by South Indian communities worldwide.

FILM | Singapore Art Week at The Projector

Singapore Art Week commences virtually next week, and our beloved indie cinema is participating by offering a wholly fresh slate of art documentaries — both online and offline. The Projector regularly hosts film festivals in conjunction with overseas embassies, so their participation in the biggest week for art in Singapore comes as no surprise. And the documentaries? Each title explores a range of content; from exploring the pre-fame years of the acclaimed Jean-Michel Badquiat to questioning the very definition of art as Marcel Duchamp did with his urinal art exhibition in 1917. Out of the lot, China's Van Gogh seems to be the most intriguing; the film follows the artist Zhao Xiaoyong from Dafen Village, China on his pilgrimage to discover Van Gogh's artistry background.

From 15 Jan to 31 Jan 2021. Book tickets here.

EXPERIENCE | #THEATRE by INDEX at The Esplanade Theatre

Most of us have been to our fair share of theatre performances, but have you ever really considered the stage or the theatre as a space of its own? Most of the time, theatres are but transient spaces in which acts go in and out of, just as their audiences do. But with #THEATRE by design collective Index, the event makes one thing its focus: the theatre itself. The interactive showcase has its audience seated on the stage floor — a space which in any other situation, would have been out of bounds to them. As they recalibrate their position to sit on the stage — the very heart of what makes a theatre — they are made more privy to the sights, sounds and touches of the intimate space. #THEATRE reveals the Esplanade Theatre as it is: stripped bare of all its masquerades, yet one in which a myriad of stories and experiences have passed through.

From 14 to 17 Jan 2021. Find out more here.

CULTURE | Pongal Day Out

A festival celebrated by all South Indian communities across the globe, Pongal is the signifying celebration of the rice harvest. And so the Indian Heritage Centre in Singapore has put together an immersive line-up of events — both online and offline — to ensure everyone who's interested can get in on the fun. Titled Pongal Day Out, the umbrella event houses a series of hands on experiences such as a Pongal Planting Workshop where you can learn to grow your own Indian herbs and vegetables at home, and a Kranji Farm Tour that exposes you to the significance of Pongal to the Indian community. There's also an interactive virtual experience that introduces you to the basic understandings of the festival on their main site.

From 9 to 17 Jan 2021. Find out more here.

EXHIBIT | Exhibition: R for Repair

The National Design Centre always presents us with the unexpected. And this time around, their Exhibition: R for Repair, features objects that the public might have otherwise deemed as irreparable or no longer worth its value. From broken spectacles to tote bags with holes in them, the concept of the exhibit surrounds its critique around the consumerist culture of our society that much too often, promotes a sense of diminished sentimentality and increases throwaway value. Ten different Singaporean designers were asked to reimagine and redefine the broken, faulty or worn-out pieces that were sent to them — all objects that belonged to and were volunteered by members of the public. The repaired products are then reproduced for new ways of using them, possibly even making it more special than before.

From 13 Jan to 6 Feb 2021. Find out more here.

EAT | Japan Rail Cafe

In a debut collaboration with Japan Airlines (JAL), the Japan Rail Cafe will be bringing us the much-missed in-flight meals that many of us hold a nostalgic value to. Relive the travel experience to one of the top destinations for many of us living here, by embarking on the curated experience for wishful Japan go-ers. Experience a the most memorable part of air travel: take your pick from either Salmon Miso Yaki Dainomono or Chicken Takiawase, that is of course accompanied by some chilled udon, a side dish and the airline's signature Earl Grey Chiffon Cake. And that's not all. Their cabin attendants will also be down on the weekends to share mini activities like origami and furoshiki-wrapping, and the airline's exclusive merchandise will be stocked at their Retail Corner. Oh, and by the way — you'll enjoy 28% off your next flight to Japan should you make an inflight meal purchase.

Till 31 Jan 2021. Find out more here.