Things to do this weekend: Hakken! Physical Store, Melati Pop-up at SPRMRKT, Star Wars Identities: The Exhibit and more

Things to do this weekend: Hakken! Physical Store, Melati Pop-up at SPRMRKT, Star Wars Identities: The Exhibit and more

Weekend fun

Text: Azrin Tan

Phase 3's been introduced — and so, more and more of our favourite eateries, bars, and attractions have opened up their doors to customers. With that being said, bigger events still remain on hold. Not to fret though. This week, visit an official anime store, end off Dry Jan with some Melati, and geek out on Star Wars.

EXHIBIT | Star Wars Identities: The Exhibition

May the force be with you — now more than ever. We're looking at you, Star Wars fans. It's time to bring out those lightsabers as you head over to ArtScience Museum for the exclusive Star Wars Identities: The Exhibit that's making its final stop in its global tour. The exhibition will house close to almost 200 original items from the extensive Lucas Museum of Narrative Art archive aka the original artefacts used in the very films — all in a remarkable show of exploration alongside the notable characters of Star Wars. This includes displays of R2-D2, Darth Vader, and the Millenium Falcon, to geek out to. Expect to embark on a customized, immersive identity quest as you move further into the exhibit discovering your own force and other insights of the Star Wars characters. Massive fans will also be excited to view the creative process of filmmaking itself i.e early concept drawings and costume design. We say, don't bother holding your horses (or should we say lightsabers?) on this one.

From 30 Jan to 13 June 2021. Find out more here.

SHOP | HAKKEN! Retail Shop

Weaboos, this one's for you (and we mean it in the best way possible). The popular online shopping platform for all things anime related is finally here on our shores — in its fully evolved physical form at Plaza Singapura. Relish in Hakken!'s first ever physical outlet in this part of town by exploring the experiential elements encapsulated within the store, including a Themed Features section which all you anime lovers can walk through, take some snapshots and simply enjoy the experience of reliving the best parts of your favourite animes. You can look forward to life-sized figurines of the characters from popular animes such as Rem & Ram from Re: Zero — Starting Life in Another World. But the best part? You're going to be stepping into a dream world of all the licensed merchandise from your top anime picks aka Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, Sword Art Online, and Attack on Titan. Oh, can also get an additional 10% off in-stores if you're shopping before 31 Jan. Time to bust those wallets out.

Find out more here.

ENJOY | Melati Bar Pop-Up at SPRMRKT Dempsey Hill

Their Vegunuary collab was a grand success — and so they're back together to finish the month off with a bang with their pop-up Melati Bar at SPRMRKT this weekend. Dedicated to all those who wish to keep up to their veganuary lifestyle to the very end, the pop-up will be serving up a delectable range of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails, all containing Melati, the popular botanical aperitif that is meant to be restorative, anti-oxidant and a good detox for the body. Whilst their alcoholic range includes choices like their Melati Martini with vodka, coconut and lime, and the Black Forest that's a concoction of coffee, chocolate, brandy and cherry, their non-alcoholic cocktails are looking to be equally spicy with the likes of their Spritz and Coffee Nogroni. Seems like a perfect way to end Dry Jan to us.

From 30 to 31 Jan 2021. Find out more here.

VISIT | Sounds of Spring


Ring in the festive season, or well the Lunar New Year with the Sounds of Spring at OneRaffles Place. Ordinarily a business district, this spot seems to be teeming with bright-eyed souls on Basement 1, where a whole Chinese New Year Festive Bazaar is being hosted. Expect all the CNY snacks and goodies (yes, those pineapple tarts and prawn rolls await) that you can buy home. After all, even with reduced visitors, who's to say we won't finish them all by ourselves? There's even a Zodiac Forecast section that basically works like some fun Chinese-style fortune-telling to reel in the luck of 2021.

Find out more here.

FILM | MyFrenchFilmFestival

If you're choosing to snuggle in for the weekend, consider yourself stocked with a full range of fresh indie films to relish in — all part of The Projector's hosted My French Film Festival, an online French-language film festival first borne out of the past year's demise. The Projector has specially curated 6 varying films for us all to peruse through, with titles including fantasy drama Burning Ghost (Vif-Argent), comedy Felicitá, and You Deserve A Lover, a romantic drama that features one Lila who struggles to deal with the infidelity of her ex, Remi, and is being pulled along into a mad world of trauma and hysteria. All films are available for renting on The Projector's site for now.

From 15 Jan to 15 Feb 2021. Find out more here.