Total eclipse of the super blue blood moon: Myths and beliefs

Total eclipse of the super blue blood moon: Myths and beliefs

A celestial spectacle

Text: Esther Soh

Image: Sayher Heffernan
Image: Getty Images

Society is no stranger to myths, taboos and superstitions surrounding eclipses. Here’s your lunar lunacy fix

Every month, it seems like the Internet is aflutter with some new lunar frenzy, but yesterday's astronomical extravaganza added up to quite a sight. The lunar phenomenon is the first in over 150 years with a total lunar eclipse, blue moon and super moon happening simultaneously.

Whether you're a stargazer or just a lucky bystander who just happened to witness near-perfect lineup in space, the rare viewing carries a slew of the most strangely fascinating myths and beliefs that you need to know.

1. Abstain from food and drinks to avoid indigestion
This ancient ritual originated from India, where some traditional Indians stay away from even a single drop of water. If you happened to feel pain in your upper abdomen, bloated or nauseated last night due to unforeseen circumstances, you could casually attribute it to this myth if there need be a reason.
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2. Leaving a scar for a lifetime
The superstitious would cage themselves in a baby-proofed room and take a precious day off to maintain flawless, unblemished skin. Some carry the belief that cutting yourself during the lunar eclipse would lead to prolonged bleeding followed by a permanent mark. Seems like we had a valid explanation for another unproductive Netflix and chill day?super blue blood moon istanbul january 2018
3. Losing your eyesight if you watch the eclipse with your naked eyes
Hundreds, thousands, and millions took a glimpse at the stellar sight yesterday but we're still seated at our desks and checking tasks off our to-do list today, so we reckon that this myth is a baseless one. Those who believe in this probably missed out the extraordinary orbital spectacle of a lifetime, but well, too bad for them.
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