Sunset Cinema is your must-see event this May

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Sunset Cinema is your must-see event this May
Where to watch an outdoor film screening in Singapore

Picture this: It's Friday night, the first week of May has just ended — yes, it's already May — and your liver's practically begging to be liquored up. If happiness doesn't lie at the bottom of a wine glass for you, then a guilty dinner spread will do too. The last thing you'd want to do is surround yourself with inane chatter and be forced to make small talk. But you're still a habitual social creature who doesn't want to waste a Friday evening. Decisions, decisions.

Here's where Sunset Cinema kicks in. The outdoor film screening in Singapore allows you to tune out while still be in the company of your best mates. With wireless headphones, you'll get to fully immerse in the world of Jackie Kennedy, the founder of McDonald's and outer space. The volume's adjustable too, just in case you really needed to tune out other people's opinions. Save the debates and discussions after the outdoor film screening, preferably with a cold Peroni in hand.

In just 10 days, you'll cosy up on Tanjong Beach with the likes of Oscar-nominated actresses Amy Adams (Arrival), Nicole Kidman (Lion), Natalie Portman (Jackie) and Rosamund Pike (A United Kingdom). Leading lads Dev Patel, Michael Keaton and Viggo Mortensen also star in films about finding both home and ambition. Fun fact: Captain Fantastic — which stars Mortensen — was recently praised by James Marsden.

DJ Stephen Day

Pair films with a seafood platter from Tanjong Beach Club, ice cold beers and a pre-show DJ to shake things up, Sunset Cinema presents an alternative way to enjoy nightlife in Singapore. There are still a couple of films that have yet to sell out, so put those fast fingers to use. 

Sunset Cinema runs from 5 to 14 May at 120 Tanjong Beach walk, Sentosa. Purchase your Sunset Cinema tickets online

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