Social media scoop: Taytay’s 4th of July party, love in the air for Ken Jen, and Miley’s newest family member

Social media scoop: Taytay’s 4th of July party, love in the air for Ken Jen, and Miley’s newest family member

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Text: Priscilla Tan

Image: Instagram | @taylorswift,

This week: Katy Perry hits 90 million Twitter followers, celebrities rally in support of the Orlando victims, and Zendaya shuts down a rape meme

1. Miley Cyrus has a new addition to the family
Rumour has it that Miley is pregnant with Liam Hemsworth's baby... but beyond that, we'll stick to the cold hard facts. Miley's newest pet beagle, Barbie, joins her three cats, one blowfish (passed on, but now immortalised on her arm), one piglet and an alarming number of dogs.

Miley Cyrus' new pet, Barbie the Beagle, buro247sg, social media scoop
2. Taytay's 4th
 of July party
Going all out for the 4th of July weekend, the whole universe is probably aware of Swift's patriotism. Bring out the bouncy castle slide and the matchy swimsuits and outfits. Can we just say #squadgoals?
Taylor Swift, buro247 sg, social media scoop, 4th of july partyTaylor Swift, buro247 sg, social media scoop, 4th of july party
3. Human nature
It's human nature to poke fun at your other half — at least we'd like to think so. Here's Alexa Chung putting on a grimace, mocking her boyfriend (our #ManCrushMonday Alexander Skarsgård) over the grueling diet he had to endure for his role as Tarzan. We see a smidgen of Tarzan has rubbed off on her.
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4. Love is in the air
The spotlight might be shining on Hiddleswift but there are plenty of fireworks being set off in Ed Sheeran's love life. The once coy and private Sheeran seems pretty open about girlfriend Cherry Seabom in the cutest photobomb ever. Love is definitely all around.
Ed Sheeran and girlfriend photobomb Taylor Swift's picture, buro247 sg, social media scoop, ed sheeran and girlfriend
5. Leggy pairs
Giving Taytay's 4th of July party a miss (or was she intentionally uninvited?), Kendall Jenner stayed at a $30 million Airbnb for the weekend. Also in attendance was the model's new beau, Jordan Clarkson of the LA Lakers.
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6. Katy Perry is queen of Twitter
Katy Perry has hit 90 million followers on Twitter. To celebrate, the twitterverse has rallied together and thrown a party for the 'California Gurls' singer, sharing their congratulations with the cutest gifs and pictures. 

7. Let's join 'Hands' for Orlando.
The latest all-star single has dropped. In tribute to the victims of the Orlando shooting, celebrities the likes of Britney Spears, Selena Gomez and Gwen Stefani have pitched their vocals in support. A total of 24 artists have collaborated on this new recording to raise funds for the victims of the massacre. 

8. Ciara ties the knot
The wedding bells are ringing for Ciara and Russell Wilson. The duo, who have been dating since 2015, could not wait any longer. They exchanged vows in front of close friends and family at Pecforton Castle in Cheshire just yesterday.
Ciara ties the knot, ciara, ciara and russell wilson, buro247sg, social media scoop
9. Zendaya shuts down rape meme
The actress has taken to Twitter to hit back at a less than respectful tweet based on the film series The Purge. Posting under the alias of Ghost Ben (@ogxbenson), the tweet mentioned Zendaya, Beyoncé, Rihanna and Nicki Minaj, and jokingly asked, "If the purge was real who y'all raping?" This was how Zendaya responded: 

10. #AltonSterling
There has been an outrage over the shooting and killing of an African-American resident. A number of personalities have taken to Twitter to share their views. Here's a sample: 


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