5 things to do this weekend: 8 - 10 June

5 things to do this weekend: 8 - 10 June

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Text: Rachel Ng

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Feast on street food, party away with Bass Supply and burn calories at Yogalates in the Park

ART | Shifting Intimacies
What turns a stranger into a friend or a lover? How does an accidental graze of skin against skin transition into the intertwining of fingers? 'Shifting Intimacies' presents a series of photographs, cinemagraphs and mixed-media installations that seeks to explore and articulate the ambiguities of relationships.  

5 things to do this weekend, Shifting intimacies

9 June, 5pm to 10pm at Raw.

PARTY | Bass Supply: Tropical White Boy, Niko Kenton, Zloco, AKA & Durio
Bass Supply is back for its monthly spin that will be bringing heavier selections such as Grime, UK Garage, Dubstep and Footwork to the dance floor of Piedra Negra. Helming the booths are internationally-renowned Dj Alx and Nikon, so expect a night of DnB, hip-hop beats, melodic house & everything in between.

8 June, 10pm till late at Piedra Negra.      

FOOD | Tiger Street Food Pop-up
Previously held at The Deck, Tiger Street Food Festival returns for its June edition at Tan Quee Lan Street. Be sure to come empty— har cheong gai (prawn paste chicken wings) and Iberico lor bak (braised meat) bowls are just teasers to what will be a night of local street food indulgence. Tiger Beer will commit an amount equivalent to the proceeds towards its next Tiger Street Food Support Fund. Forget about your calories this once — you’ll be eating for a cause.

5 things to do this weekend, Tiger Street Food Pop-up

8 June, 5 to 10.30pm at Tan Quee Lan Street.

FITNESS | Yogalates in the Park (Botanic Gardens)
Recalibrate your mind and body with Yogalates in the Park. Combining the strength benefits of pilates and flexibility of yoga in one session, you’ll be smashing those calories while enjoying the serenity and calm of Botanic Gardens. Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it? 

5 things to do this weekend, yogalates

9 June, 9am to 10am at Botanic Gardens.

FILM | Mexican Film Festival
Back at The Projector for the second time, Mexican Film Festival returns with 10 films that will take you across the various shades of one of the most culturally vibrant nations of our time. Opening with You’re Killing Me Susana, step into the world of self-assured Eligio, whose world comes crashing down after his wife leaves him for a poet in Iowa. 5 things to do this weekend, Mexican Film Festival
7 June to 13 June at The Projector and NUS Shaw Foundation Alumni House.

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