Singapore's music artistes react to Prince's passing

Singapore's music artistes react to Prince's passing

Viva la virtuoso

Text: Adibah Isa

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As the skies cried purple rain after Prince's recent passing on 21 April, we find out what the icon meant to his funk, R&B, rock, soul, hiphop and pop fans in the local music scene

Vandetta, one half of Octover, member of Syndicate and assistant programme director of Lush 99.5fm :

"Prince was a master. He was an incredible multi-instrumentalist who sang with so much soul, came up with complex harmonies, hit notes that many singers today probably can't and has inspired so many of today's greatest artists. A
s a child, the moment I first heard him it was impossible not to be in awe of his ability. He showed me the extent to which creativity and expression could live truthfully and thrive in the crazy world of music. The only solace I have in the wake of his loss is that his music lives on."

Vandetta Singapore
MR. HAS, Asia Pacific music director for W Hotels:

"Super talented and unique individual. He brought sexy and style to a whole new level. Farewell Gemini Prince. My favourite song of his is Musicology for now."

Mr. Has

Kevin Lester a.k.a. THELIONCITYBOY, hiphop musician:

"He was more than an artist — he was an innovator. His music was timeless and his stories are legendary. Stories like him roller skating with Questlove and Eddie Murphy — random but "totally Prince", and how he doesn't believe in time. He just lived. I loved how he was even a secret fanboy of Kendrick Lamar. There will never be another Prince."

Kevin Lester
Tim De Cotta, musician and member of TAJ, L.A.B, neoDominatrix and Kilo Habit:

"Prince always had the balls to be himself. He never saw a need to conform and that made him great and always frontier-pushing as an artist. 
He was always controversial and pushing the boundaries with his style, attitude and personality, but he also always kept the funk true in all his music, no matter how popular it got. My favourite song is Diamonds & Pearls, though I will always remember an overplayed Raspberry Beret on MTV back when cable TV first started. I was nine and though I would watch the video at least once a day, I never switched the channel. To add to this, he was one of the greatest guitarists of our time!"

Tim De Cotta

Keith Colaco/DJ KFC, music director of The Lo & Behold Group:

"What to say that's not already been said. He truly was the Revolution. Taken way before his time yes, but I believe he lived his life just as he wrote and played his music. No bullsh*t. Sexy to the max and funky as hell. Rock in Purple."

Dru Chen, pop, funk and soul artist:

"Prince helped me find my voice as a musician. He helped me find my voice as a man secure with my masculinity, expression and creativity. Life is delicate, and this is a reminder to do the best that you can do with your talents, while you are still willing and able."

Dru Chen