5 things to see at the Singapore International Festival of Arts

5 things to see at the Singapore International Festival of Arts

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Text: Clara Tan

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At this year's SIFA, see stuff from author Sonny Liew, actor Adrian Pang and choreographers Christian Rizzo and Daniel Kok

In its fourth year now, the Singapore International Festival of the Arts introduces additional programmes, including the new 'SIFA shares', an initiative aimed at encouraging dialogue between artists and audiences. Before the festival wraps up in September, here are 5 highlights you wouldn't want to miss.

1. Watch a show
Those who missed getting tickets for SIFA production Becoming Graphic will be pleased to know that two extra shows have been added. Using the superhero genre, cartoonist Sonny Liew and theatre-maker Edith Podista explore the topic of ageing through the use of comics, drawings, word balloons and spoken word.

17 to 20 August, various timings, at 72-13.

2. Step out of your comfort zone
In this Pangdemonium play, Adrian Pang and his team imagine what the world would be like in 2021 — and it does not look good. Be confronted with issues such as climate change, Brexit, war and survival. As conflict escalates, so will the tension in your seat.

24 to 26 August, 8pm at Victoria Theatre.

3. Talk to international artists
Join the conversation with not one, but two creatives in different dialogues. If you're into dance, join acclaimed French choreographer Christian Rizzo as he shares his ideas of fusing dance with life, like he did in SIFA production, Le Syndrome Ian. Joining him is founding festival director Ong Keng Sen about Rizzo's prestiguous FEDORA win. Separately, Chilean actress and playwright Manuela Infanto explores the relationship between humans and plants with Noorlinah Mohamed, director of The O.P.E.N.

23 August, 7pm at SOTA Studio Theatre (Christian Rizzo), 4 September, 6pm at SOTA Studio Theatre (Manuela Infanto).

4. Meet new people
Singapore-born choreographer Daniel Kok leads nine local independent dance artists in a collective drawing stint at different urban spaces. You may also contribute by joining them at any of the venues — National Library Board, *SCAPE Playspace, and MBS Event Plaza.

23 August to 2 September, 5.30pm at various venues.

5. Explore life on the battlefield
Learn about war through this papermaking workshop conducted by Drew Cameron, the man who began a practice of cutting military uniforms and transforming it into paper after returning from the Iraq war. Concurrent with the performance of My Lai, there will also be an exhibition featuring the works of the American artist.

31 August to 2 September at various timings, at Drama Centre Foyer.