10 Singapore graffiti artists you need to know

10 Singapore graffiti artists you need to know

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Text: Clara Tan

Singapore's street art scene is anything but quiet

As soon as any American mentions Michael Fay, we're quick to roll our eyes. We get it, our government has a less-than-favourable relationship when it comes to street art and creative expression, but when — ahem — officially-approved spaces are designated, Singapore's graffiti artists don't disappoint. Whether it's tapping into Islamic, Hindu and Buddhist aesthetics for inspiration or making a point with expressive, quirky characters, Singapore's street talent is as diverse as our cultural makeup.

1. Ceno2 
Arguably one of Singapore's most prominent graffiti artists, 30-year-old Azlan Ramlan's works often include blown-up faces accompanied with bold colours and textures. You can find his works at Serenity Spanish Bar as well as the construction site for Funan.


An art director by profession, Anthony Chong's (or ANTZ, as he is known) body of works include paintings on canvas, walls and even woks. Often referencing Chinese culture and mythology, ANTZ also has a knack for juxtaposing contemporary urban styles with traditional Chinese visuals.


3. Jawigrafi
Calligraffitist Jawigrafi's works carry a deeper meaning in Islamic art. He's the go-to guy who uses the Arabic alphabet, Jawi, to create typography.


4. Hearts and Kraft
She might be new to the scene, but local artist Hearts and Kraft has already gained a sturdy following. She makes use of colours and mandalas laced with intricate patterns and textures.


5. Scryptk 
Azhar Mat Nor, also known as Scryptk, merges language and mandalas to form the soul of his pieces. The 34-year-old recently collaborated with Jawigrafi and Hearts and Kraft to create a live drawing at the Singapore Street Festival.


6. SYCO03 
SYCO03's first gig was a mural completed for Zouk in 1999. Today, he has worked with the likes of Converse and the National Arts Council. Large, animated alphabets and faces feature in his drawings, which are further punctuated with vibrant colours.


Zulkarnaen Othman — more commonly known as ZERO — captures current societal themes and translates them into street and graffiti art. 


8. Ink and Clog
Formed in 2012, the duo consisting of Eman Jeman and Nadirah Abdul Razak is a creative force of art and linguistics. Their brand revolves around grids and mathematical lines, with clients such as Google and Ultra Singapore tapping into their artistry.


9. TraseOne
A pioneer in the local urban scene, Sufian Hamri (or TraseOne) first started by sprawling his name onto the streets. Today, his work can be found in places like Little India.


10. Slacsatu
Full time graffiti artist and art instructor —whose real name is Rozaimie Sahbi — showcases fine details in his work, with the aerosol spray as his main tool. He is also the founder of street art collective Zinc Nite Crew (ZNC) and co-owner of The Black Book, a specialised graffiti store.


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