5 things to do this weekend: 12 - 14 January

5 things to do this weekend: 12 - 14 January

Boot it up

Text: Esther Soh

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Get your game fix at Gothe-Institut’s interactive exhibition, party to futuristic soundscapes and catch indie folk band Fleet Foxes’ first concert in Singapore

ART | Thought Lines ­- An exhibition by Berny Tan
Stitching never stops for Berny Tan in her quest for perfectly abstract embroidery work as she showcases the obsessive nature of this intensely repetitive medium. Experience this series of anxieties, neuroses and fears all encapsulated within — what seems to be — perfection in 20 abstract embroideries that reveal miniscule yet workarounds and failures.

berny tan thought lines embroidery singapore 2018

Till 28 January, 11am to 8pm at Supernormal. 

ART | Games and Politics
Get your head in the game with 18 interactive games by Goethe-Institut Singapore that explore politically and socially-relevant subjects such as war, gender, social injustice, migration and surveillance. Along with a series of short films and 2D artworks, encounter limited possibilities and negative sanctions through these entertainment mediums as characters of people from marginalised communities.
games and politics goethe institut kult gallery 2018
Till 12 February at Kult Studio & Gallery.

PARTY | ONE 15th Anniversary with Aldrin & Trev D
Hit the dance floor with techno soundscapes handcrafted by ONE's founder and music selector Aldrin and Sri Lankan progressive house DJ Trev D in celebration of ONE's 15th year of turntable culture at the graffiti-covered and industrial-themed Kilo Lounge.

12 January, 10pm to 3am at Kilo Lounge.

FILM | Landfill Harmonic Screening at Earth Fest 2018
Navigating towards fame from one of South America's largest landfills might be beyond one's wildest dreams. The Recycled Orchestra of Cateura went against all odds and resolved their need for instruments using recyclable materials. Catch Landfill Harmonic, an uplifting film that follows a journey where the transformative power of music spurs newfound hope for the Paraguayan town.

landfill harmonic earthfest singapore 2018

14 January, 4.30pm to 6.10pm at Marina Barrage.

MUSIC | Fleet Foxes - Live in Singapore
After emerging through the indie folk scene with their self-titled EP and hits, 'White Winter Hymnal', 'Mykonos' and 'He Doesn't Know Why', American band Fleet Foxes have finally returned from their six-year hiatus with their third studio album, Crack-Up. Catch them live for the first time in Singapore as they bring their captivating synthesis of swelling instrumentation and stirring vocal harmonies as part of their first Southeast Asia tour.

 14 January, 8pm to 10pm at Esplanade Theatre.