How do spoken word and pro-wrestling come together?

How do spoken word and pro-wrestling come together?

Inner battles

Text: Adibah Isa

Image: Facebook | Stephanie Dogfoot

Introducing Sing Lit Body Slam, where wrestlers from Grapple MAX Dojo fight along to a soundtrack of spoken word

No, this body slam showdown is not the WWE you've probably grown up with. Sing Lit Station is collaborating with Grapple MAX Dojo for a literature-meets-sporting event you wouldn't want to miss. Bringing together two performance art forms, the platform for writers and readers will engage in a war of the words as wrestlers from the pro-wrestling fitness school spar each other according to the spoken word performance.

A literary live commentary of sorts, it'll bring together poets such as Stephanie Dogfoot, Joses Ho, Joshua Ip, Rajita Jay and David Wong Hsien Ming. Wrestlers from the school include Greg Glorious, Dennis "The Ladykiller" H., Nyc "The Aerial Sniper", Jeff Ederer, Irfan and Nat Cheung.

6 and 7 October 2017 at Aliwal Arts Centre. Book tickets.