Sartorial stationery: kikki.K and Singapore Fashion Week team up

Sartorial stationery: kikki.K and Singapore Fashion Week team up

A note-worthy release

Text: Varsha Sivaram

Image: kikki.K

In commemoration of their partnership, kikki.K is releasing ‘Fashion Inspiration Notebooks’ to complement your SFW experience

kikki.K's products have always been stylish, so it's only natural that they're releasing the 'Must List' and 'Lust List' notebooks. These limited editions are small in size and minimalist in design, making them the perfect companions to your week.

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'Must List' features a bright, yellow block of colour on the A5 cover and blank pages on the inside. It's perfect for jotting down the street styles that inspire you and the pieces you've been coveting all week.

Meanwhile, 'Lust List' is an A6 notebook with a grey-and-white cover, great for noting down what your heart craves but your bank account does not. Its simple aesthetic will work with any bag you might have in hand.


The notebooks are kept together by a bellyband resembling a tape measure; a subtle and classy nod to fashion design. Convenient and well designed, they're a small but fun way to chart out Fashion Week.

Available starting this month at kikki.K's ION Orchard outlet. More details on the notebooks can be found here.